Studies say… YOGA!

Studies say that YOGA is good for you, and it may just be choosing the right type for you. There are so many types of yoga and there are several yoga practices that can contribute to your well-being. We have found yoga to be a great preventative form of health care.  Do you like Hot Yoga and getting into your target zone with core work? Or seeking the yin side of restorative/meditative yoga? Whether you are looking to do your first asana or refine your hand stands, there are a ton of benefits that are waiting for you on the mat.


Now that is what I call support!

When we talk about our first encounters with yoga, we all have different stories about why we showed up. Currently our relationship with yoga has grown into a steady commitment to our own unique connection to the practice. With over 20 million Americans practicing on the mat in 2011, and dramatically rising, it goes to show you that people are feeling its effects. The popular site web-MD offers precautionary information on what to know before you jump on the mat for the first time (or in a while). And if you think you need to move around for these health benefits, there is a ton of research on the benefits of just sitting and meditating.


During a hard day, everyone can use a little time to themselves.

Meditation has been practiced for thousands of years just like yoga. Web Md says that meditation will help you ease stress and help you focus. In a time when we are over saturated with ads, challenging life circumstances, chaotic global events and in a culture with unsatisfiable desire, its good to come back to the simple things like breathing and maintaining awareness on the breath. There are many different styles to meditation (sitting and walking, which are forms of meditation in motion) or lying in bed before you go to bed or right when you wake up.  Or you could sign up for a marathon!


I feel the power!

Though a marathon is an epic task, it is not for everyone. Too often people who work out don’t build of a strong foundation and this can lead to injury. With yoga you can develop a gentle body awareness feeling more connected to where your edges are.  According to ask a fitness coach dot com, yoga builds muscle, builds balance, and flexibility. In addition, it can also be used for building endurance if/when you are ready for power yoga!

There is a lot of information out there about yoga benefits for the mind-body and spirit (and a lot of cool pictures too!).


Even though I may never be this flexible, it is still nice to look at 🙂

Look for yourself, yoga is catching on exponentially and there are a lot of good reasons and studies that say why. If yoga is good for the mind and the body, the next time you find yourself in a rut, go to a yoga meetup, yoga event, yoga class and get ready to meet a refined and transformed you.  Stretch your mind and body by joining the yoga movement that is taking place everyday!


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Rafting Funnies – An April Fool’s Tribute

Several rafting funny photos for you below (for real).


what do you call a raft guide in a neck tie


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Liberation in Yosemite

Liberation in Yosemite

The Namaste Rafting team is in the final stages of locking down another unique weekend. In the second weekend of June, get ready to dance on top of the Sierras, visit Yosemite, Raft  and more. This yogic Journey, two and a half hours from San Francisco, takes you to scenic Hobron county for premier camping in the greater Yosemite area. We are really excited to bring Yoga and Rafting to one of the world’s favorite National Park.  The itinerary highlights Yoga, FreedomFlow, and Rafting with other activities included.

Have you ever done yoga on top of the world? This drive access peak is a unique place to do Yoga with a 360 degree lookout (you can literally see for miles in all directions).


The Yoga for this weekend is an ideal alternative from a busy San Francisco weekend. Reboot with all levels yoga classes and reconnect with the real you.  Had enough yoga? Will we are going to dance!!! And then do more yoga.

Samantha Sweetwater founded dance program ‘Dancing Freedom’. Dancing Freedom has one rule, you can do nothing wrong. Everybody will be drawn in by the grace and spirit of Samantha’s class, she delivers a set to liberate your body, with guidelines that encourage you to express yourself through dance. Everyone can dance to this program, it is designed for all abilities. Need some more? Let’s go to Yosemite!

Who doesn’t like to hike around the nature’s playground of Yosemite? Yosemite offers miles and miles of trails that feature amazing scenes throughout the park. Join our yoga tour guides on an optional hike through the park. Leave a great impression on your psyche with a magestical walk through Yosemite national Park. Other options? Go Rafting!

If you want a different option for the weekend, join other participants on a rafting trip. The greater Yosemite area offers incredible whitewater. The rafting in and around Yosemite offers different levels and scenery whether it is the Tuolumne or the Merced.

You have the freedom to participate anyway you want in this weekend. Liberate your body on top of a mountain and camp with a 360 degree view. Even if you have no experience in any of these activities, you can learn to love them with other participants, who make the trip to Yosemite every year. This June Liberate yourself with Freedom Flow!

See you downstream!


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Yoga funnies!

Today I am putting up the best 10 yoga/meditation comics I can find in 30 minutes on the internet. Feel free to build a compilation of funny yoga material here! Maybe comment about your favorite one!

We will start with a joke…

Yoga Jokes. Q. What did the yogi say to the sandwich vendor at the ball game? A. Make me one with everything!




Bikram yogaImage

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Yoga, Food, Camp Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day weekend is the first long weekend where you can get out of the house, be outdoors, and spend time with friends and family and/or meet new people. Below, are three reasons why you should make this weekend a yoga weekend. Doesn’t yoga, biking, climbing, rafting or hiking sound like a good way to start summer? There are lots of options to choose from on Memorial Day, why not choose one where you are taken care of. One that has Yoga, Good Food and and event that lets you try out your new camping gear, all included in the price.

Yoga has been practiced for thousands of years, and the benefits compliment all aspects of your life. According to WebMD yoga assists developing your ‘flexibility, strength, and balance’ in ways other workouts don’t. Yoga works on multiple areas rather than just one like strength. If you are looking to improve your health holistically, try a yoga event that takes an extended weekend to focus on you and your health. Also, you might not have to cook or worry about doing dishes for the weekend.

Some yoga retreats offer delicious organic local food in the price of the event. There are several reasons why organic food is better for you, here are ten. When you choose to eat organic you are voteing for a principle. Buying organic whole foods when possible, and with certain foods especially, you can exercise the idea of thinking globally and acting locally. For  more on organics check The last reason to do a yoga event is to get outdoors for a kick off to summer.

Though this last winter was not like typical winters in the foothills of the Sierra’s, about now is the time people are getting ready for summer, and camp outside. A lot of yoga events offer some sort of camping, and what’s a better way to try out your new summer gear then a long weekend? Whether you have a new tent from North Face, a new thermarest from REI, or, new yoga apparel, you are going to have to try it out somewhere, and it might as well be on this long weekend. Treat yourself to the outdoor sunshine.

If yoga, food, and gear are great reasons to start looking for yoga events. You are probably even thinking of a better reason to start if these three reasons aren’t enough. If you start feeling more of the winter gloom, start anticipating and planning for a memorable Memorial Day.

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A list of things to bring to prepare for a raft trip

When you go rafting in California, there are some important items to bring to be prepared….

  1. Sunscreen (EWG research shows that 84% of 910 name-brand sunscreen products offer inadequate protection from the sun, or contain ingredients, like oxybenzone, with significant safety concerns. see CDC article), or cloths that have sun protection. Be sure cover on top of legs/quads and anywhere the sun will directly hit your skin, especially if the sun is hitting that spot for the first time of the season.
  2. A hat and sunglasses (with connective strap) The sen is strong and so is the current of the river. if you jump in you might lose you glasses. A ball cap is great to keep sun off you face directly. Maybe bring these two items that are not your best, unless you are confident they are going to stay with you. Make sure the sunglasses are 100% uv protection. The EPA and NWS recommend it,
  3. Water, some boats have a group bottle, but if they don’t its nice to have a bottle with a carabiner that you can clip into the boat, typically, you can’t drink the river water. Be sure to hydrate before, during and after the trip.
  4. Strap on shoes, close toed for class VI, V. If you are swimming in flat water, the bottom of the river is unknown. You could step on glass, or a sharp rock. Also at higher classes of rivers, you definitely want to protect the bottom of you feet.
  5. Brings a snack in a waterproof bad, or a granola bar in your pocket.
  6. Some people like gloves for sun protection, make sure they can still grab a paddle.
  7.  Leave all your valuables/keys on land, you never know what can disappear in the river.
  8. A water-proof camera, I really like this one, or just get a disposable.

With that in mind, have a great trip. Also, look into the company you are going with, and research a little what else you might need. Try not to overload the boat with a ton of stuff. And, on a class one river, you might be able to bring a cooler 😉



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Volunteer Program

Mission: Namaste Rafting is dedicated to creating and delivering events that give participants an opportunity to experience complimentary activities that instill peace, love, yoga, nature and more. The volunteer program is designed to offer opportunities to individuals who may not be able to afford a ticket, but have the ability to help out for shifts before, during and after the event in exchange for a discounted or free ticket. We are very excited to invite new and old volunteers to our 2012 season. Get ready to jump on board in our third year of events. We have different roles, shifts, and combinations to get you to participate at various levels at each of our events.

Our roles range based on the number of guests at each of our events. We have registration master(s), the sustainability team, dish crew and food prep. By working one to six shifts, you can earn up to a free ticket. If you are interested in participating in the delivery of our kick off event River Stretch e-mail today! Besides the roles of the event, we will have a matrix of shifts available to discount your ticket.

Shifts are made up to give you opportunities to participate in the execution of the event, and, participate in the event itself. One shift equals approximately $60. If you work one shift you get to take $60 off the price of the your ticket, where six shifts get you a free weekend. However you want to contribute to our volunteer program, you benefit. There are many ways to set yourself up to get everything you want out of the event.

Let’s say that you want to focus on doing yoga or rafting with Les Leventhal, or you want to catch Gyrefunk, or trance dance with Sarah Pascual. We can schedule you around these events so you can fully engage with your favorite event activities. Not only do you get some of the best organic catered meals on the planet, you get a discount by volunteering. We want you with us whether volunteering or paying in full, especially, for River Stretch.

The roles, shifts and organization of the volunteer program wants to make this event work for you. Join Namaste Rafting’s volunteer team today and we will help you get the most out of this yoga raft weekend. Stay informed on our facebook and sign up for our mailing list to hear first about our announcements for trips, especially River Stretch. We look forward to seeing you on the mat, on the boat and in the flow this summer 2012!


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